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My Spring 2019 Baby by KIDBOX Review

It’s no secret that I love my monthly Stitch Fix box!  And I have been waiting (rather impatiently!) until the day I could order one for my 2-year-old daughter.  Unfortunately, the smallest size that Stitch Fix carries is a 2T, and my Sadie is on the small side – right now she’s wearing 18 months in some brands and just starting to sneak into 24 months in others.  I figured I would have to wait another six to 12 months before she could start getting her own special, stylish deliveries.  Enter KIDBOX, a child-specific clothing box for boys and girls from newborn to size 14.  Children in sizes 2T to 14 receive a personally curated box of six to seven styles for $98.  There is also a baby box for children in 0 to 24 month clothes, which includes three to four items for $68.  According to their website, there are five KIDBOXES available annually (winter, spring, summer, fall and back to school).  You can purchase more than one box per child per season, and you will get different items.  You can exchange for different sizes.  Shipping is free both ways, and there is no styling fee.

I’d never heard of KIDBOX, but I received a direct mail advertisement offering a discount of $20 off my first box.  I read a few bloggers’ reviews of the service online and I was pretty impressed.  KIDBOX has relationships with many brand-name children’s labels and the clothes were offered at a very affordable savings from the MSRP.  Most items had a KIDBOX price that was 20% to 25% off retail, and the biggest discount comes from keeping the entire box.  At the very least, I figured $48 wasn’t much to gamble on a few new spring outfits for my daughter.  Also, when you keep your entire KIDBOX, the company will donate new clothing to a child in need.

I went online to, created an account, and filled out a very brief style profile for Sadie.  In fact, I probably would have liked to have given a bit more information about her and what I was looking for up front, but I was able to give detailed feedback on my initial box at checkout, so hopefully her next box will be even better!  You can add profiles for multiple children, which should help busy parents make seasonal wardrobe updates a breeze!

First, the KIDBOX packaging is so thoughtful.  The items are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.  There is a reusable pouch containing information about your items, KIDBOX’s charitable mission and other fun items like a newsletter and stickers.  Sadie’s box also contained a special gift of hooks for her stroller.  I already have a different set of hooks, so I’ll be gifting these to a new mama I know.  The pouch has been put to good use holding my children’s markers!

So, let’s get to the contents of the first box – my little fashionista had a great time modeling her new clothes!

Kids Club Dress with Bloomer (MSRP – $32; KIDBOX price – $24)

This dress is so sweet.  I mentioned in Sadie’s profile that she likes casual dresses, because she will totally insist on wearing a dress on a Wednesday morning just to run to the grocery store or post office!  This dress is an easy care knit with a Peter Pan collar.  It looks great alone, or paired with a cardigan or denim jacket.  It was a bit roomy at first, but did shrink slightly in the wash, so it fits perfectly now.  Sadie selected this as one of her Easter weekend dresses, too!

BCBG Cold Shoulder Gingham Top with Legging Set (MSRP – $39.50; KIDBOX price – $31)

I’m not a huge fan of the cold shoulder trend, and thought this would be my least favorite outfit in the box.  Once I saw it on, though, it really kind of grew on me.  This outfit is very flattering on Sadie and she really liked modeling it!  The leggings fit her perfectly, and that doesn’t usually happen – she is very petite and thin – usually we need to roll the waistband once or twice.

Jessica Simpson Two Piece Ruffle Eyelet Top with Patterned Legging Set (MSRP – $35; KIDBOX price – $26)

I love this little outfit.  It’s trendy and a bit dressy, but still stylishly cool.  Sadie liked it, too!  It fits great and will be perfect for spring, summer and early fall!

Masala Baby Two Piece Flamingo Ruffle Set (MSRP – $48; KIDBOX price – $36)

Don’t let her expression fool you, this was Sadie’s favorite outfit – I could barely convince her to take the top off after trying it on.  However, this was the last outfit she tried on, and by the time I got to this photo, Jake and the Neverland Pirates had started on Disney Junior, so that’s what she is looking at!  The shorts have the cutest ruffles on them, too.  They are a bit big in the waist, but can easily be pinned to fit.  I love the unique print and the vibrant summer colors.

Sadie’s KIDBOX also contained a cloth headband and socks set that retails for $12, with a KIDBOX price of $9.  The socks are pink and ruffly, but not lacy.  They were cute as a little bonus item.

In case you weren’t able to guess, I did keep Sadie’s entire box.  The retail value of the box was $166.50.  The regular cost of keeping the entire box would have been $68, but my $20 promo discount brought it down to $48.  At an average of $12 per outfit (not accounting for the socks/headband set), I think KIDBOX is a great deal.  The prices are great and the clothing is high-quality, well-known brands.  My sons, who are 6 and 8 years old, have already asked for their own boxes and I’ll be happy to order.  I would definitely give KIDBOX another shot!


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