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My March 2019 Stitch Fix Review

Welcome to another Stitch Fix review post!  In some ways, I can’t believe it’s already March and in others, I keep thinking, “Well, it took you long enough to get here!”  This year’s winter felt really long – not that it’s quite over, but you know what I mean.  I live in western Pennsylvania and this winter has been particularly brutal with extra cold temperatures and more snow than we’ve had for the past couple of years.  Last year, I think my son only had one weather-related school delay, this year, I think we are approaching six or seven cancellations, not to mention a few delayed starts.  So, for March, I asked my Stitch Fix stylist, Nicole, to send me clothes that can transition to spring, but that I might still be able to wear on the days that it gets above 30 degrees here until the warm weather finally arrives.  Nicole is hands-down the best stylist I’ve had (and I’m on Fix #32!), and she put together another great selection of items this month.  Before we get into the item specifics, here are a few details, for anyone who may be new to Stitch Fix.

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  To begin, you go to and complete a detailed style profile that includes information about your age, profession, lifestyle, body size and shape, personal style preferences and budget.  You are encouraged to link a Pinterest profile or Instagram account to provide further input to help your assigned personal stylist, who is tasked with choosing items to send to you.  Each Fix includes five items selected for you, and can include apparel, outerwear, jewelry, handbags and even shoes.  The service is billed as a “subscription” service, but you are not obligated to receive monthly Fixes.  Your account will specify whether you want them monthly, quarterly or “as requested.”

How much does Stitch Fix cost?
Each Stitch Fix shipment has a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of your stylist selecting items for you, plus shipping both ways (returns are free).  The $20 is applied to any purchase you make from the shipment, though.  I received an invitation to sign up for Stich Fix’s Style Pass, in which I pay a $49 annual fee, and it covers the styling fee for all of my Fixes for a full calendar year.  Best of all, the $49 was applied to my account as a credit to spend on items that I kept from my shipments.  The cheapest item I have ever received was $28 and the prices go all the way to high-end designer prices, but you can set a general price range in your style profile, so that you aren’t receiving $200 dresses if $50 is more your budget.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25 percent discount on the total price.

What do  I do when I receive my Fix?
First, try on all of the items.  Decide what you want to keep and what you want to return, then log into your Stitch Fix account to complete the checkout process.  In checkout, you will give detailed information about what you liked and didn’t like about each item and why you are keeping or returning the item.  This helps your stylist get to know you better and over time, improves your Fixes so that they become more personalized for you.  Pack any items to be returned into the postage-paid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox or at the post office.

And with that out of the way, let’s take a look at March’s items!

Pistola Jackie Distressed Released Hem Skinny Jean ($88) and Pinque Kendra Knit Top ($34)

First up was this pair of Pistola skinny jeans.  I didn’t specifically ask for white jeans, though they are totally on my list of things to buy this spring.  The last time I had white jeans, they were maternity jeans (also from Stitch Fix) and I loved them.  But, not being pregnant anymore and such, the white elastic waistband just wasn’t working for my wardrobe.  While I really liked the fit of these jeans, they were too distressed – there was a huge hole in one knee!  But, I liked the feel of the material and thought the released hem was a nice edgy touch.  If it hadn’t been for the extreme distressing, these would have been a strong contender for new white jeans.  The Pinque knit top was adorable.  It’s navy and white striped, drapes beautifully and the material is so soft.  The sleeves have a very subtle cuff detail and I can see myself getting a ton of wear out of this top, both as a spring/summer top and as a layering piece.

Status: Jeans – Returned; Top – Kept

LETY & ME Aubree Back Detail Cardigan ($44)

This LETY & ME cardigan was so cute.  It was navy blue with the sweetest lattice detail at the 3/4 length sleeves and down the middle of the back.  The hem hit nicely at mid-thigh and the drape of the fabric was flattering. This cardigan was right on, style-wise – so much so that I had to return it, because I have a super similar navy cardigan, just minus the cute lattice detailing.

Status: Returned

MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN Arnold Raglan Knit Top ($38) and Liverpool Abe Skinny Jean ($88)

This outfit was a little bit of deja vu for me.  Back in the fall, I kept a slightly different version of the MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN raglan top.  It was burgundy and white striped, with full length sleeves.  This version had space-dye grey and white stripes with 3/4 length sleeves.  But, I have gotten a ton of mileage out of my earlier purchase, and so I know I’ll get a lot of wear from this one, too.  The fabric is soft (I LOVE the fabric of Stitch Fix clothes!) and the fit is very flattering.  I’m not sure why Stitch Fix called the Liverpool pants skinny jeans, because they didn’t feel at all like jeans.  They were a soft twill-type of fabric in a deep burgundy shade.  In February, I kept an olive green pair of Liverpool Nicole Skinny Pants that were the same price, and I can’t figure out what the difference in these two pairs of pants really is.  At any rate, I have worn those olive skinny pants at least once a week since buying them, so naturally the burgundy version was a keeper, too!

Status: Top – Kept; Jeans – Kept

March was another great month for Stitch Fix.  I added three great items that will keep me looking stylish as we transition from winter to spring!




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