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My February 2019 Stitch Fix Review

Hello, friends!  I hope that your February is off to a great start!  I live in western Pennsylvania, which means that Punxsutawney and its famous weather-predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, are fairly close by.  This year, Phil did NOT see his shadow, thereby predicting an early spring, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it here!  The end of January brought us frigid temperatures from the polar vortex, followed immediately by a one-day snowstorm.  Then, we got a few days’ reprieve the first week of February with temperatures in the 50s and 60s (!), but this week, we are back to cold, sleet and freezing rain.  At least I received my February Stitch Fix box in there to brighten my day!  It was another good Fix this month.  But first, a few details!

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  To begin, you go to and complete a detailed style profile that includes information about your age, profession, lifestyle, body size and shape, personal style preferences and budget.  You are encouraged to link a Pinterest profile or Instagram account to provide further input to help your assigned personal stylist, who is tasked with choosing items to send to you.  Each Fix includes five items selected for you, and can include apparel, outerwear, jewelry, handbags and even shoes.  The service is billed as a “subscription” service, but you are not obligated to receive monthly Fixes.  Your account will specify whether you want them monthly, quarterly or “as requested.”

How much does Stitch Fix cost?
Each Stitch Fix shipment has a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of your stylist selecting items for you, plus shipping both ways (returns are free).  The $20 is applied to any purchase you make from the shipment, though.  I received an invitation to sign up for Stich Fix’s Style Pass, in which I pay a $49 annual fee, and it covers the styling fee for all of my Fixes for a full calendar year.  Best of all, the $49 was applied to my account as a credit to spend on items that I kept from my shipments.  The cheapest item I have ever received was $28 and the prices go all the way to high-end designer prices, but you can set a general price range in your style profile, so that you aren’t receiving $200 dresses if $50 is more your budget.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25 percent discount on the total price.

What do  I do when I receive my Fix?
First, try on all of the items.  Decide what you want to keep and what you want to return, then log into your Stitch Fix account to complete the checkout process.  In checkout, you will give detailed information about what you liked and didn’t like about each item and why you are keeping or returning the item.  This helps your stylist get to know you better and over time, improves your Fixes so that they become more personalized for you.  Pack any items to be returned into the postage-paid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox or at the post office.

Without further delay, let’s check out February’s items!

Liverpool Nicole Skinny Pant ($88) and 41 Hawthorn Maizey Essential Crewneck Pullover ($54)

This month, I asked my stylist, Nicole, for some non-denim skinny pants and she really delivered.  The Liverpool Nicole Skinny Pant is a beautiful olive color and the fabric is soft, yet sturdy.  It has a velvety kind of texture, though these are definitely not velvet pants.   I have worn them a couple of times already and they keep their shape all day long.  I had also asked Nicole for a basic black sweater in a thin knit.  This 41 Hawthorn pullover is just perfect.  It’s a fitted sweater, so it creates a really flattering silhouette when paired with the Liverpool pants.  This entire outfit looks really great paired with a denim jacket and some statement jewelry.

Status: Pants – Kept; Pullover – Kept

Liverpool Kennedy Printed Skinny Pant ($88) and Pinque Dorothia Cable Detail  Pullover ($44)

Nicole came through with another great pair of skinny pants.  Though you can’t tell from the photo, they were a navy/forest green plaid print.  The print was subtle, and the material was thick.  In the end, though, they were a bit too dressy for my daily life as a stay-at-home mom.  If I still worked in an office, or if they had been a versatile solid color, like black or gray, I think I would have considered these pants more seriously.  The Pinque pullover was soft and comfortable, it just didn’t have a lot of wow factor, so I sent it back.

Status: Pants – Returned; Pullover – Returned

Look by M Chloe Houndstooth Infinity Scarf ($28)

I love infinity scarves (I think I’ve mentioned that before!).  This scarf was really interesting in that the grey-and-cream houndstooth pattern had some beautiful pops of red stitching.  I’ve worn this scarf several times already – I have a couple of sweaters that it really complements, and it also looks beautiful as a cold weather scarf paired with a coat.

Status: Kept

Overall, this was a really great Stitch Fix box.  My next delivery is supposed to occur in early March – I’ll have to think about what I’d like to request – there will still be a good month or so of cold weather at that point, but I’m feel ready to start transitioning my wardrobe to spring!

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