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My November 2018 Stitch Fix Review

Last month, I received my first Stitch Fix box in about a year.  It was a great fix – I really liked four of the five items and ended up keeping three of them.  My October “fix” felt really tailored to my personal style and was very appropriate for the fall season.  Unfortunately, my November 2018 fix didn’t quite hit the same high note.  It was the first time that I have ever returned all five items.  In all honesty, my fix had two big technical issues, which I think led to its failure.  First, in my previous experience with Stitch Fix, I would receive an e-mail several days in advance reminding me to send my stylist a note prior to being styled.  That did not happen this time, so my fix was prepared without my input.  That was a huge disappointment, because I actually had four social engagements that I would have enjoyed a couple of new items for.  The second issue is that my recent increase in exercise intensity seems to be paying off and all of the items were too big, so I went into my style profile on the Stitch Fix app and sized down in all categories.

Before I get to this month’s items, for those of you who don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it is an online personal styling service.  To start an account, you go to and complete a detailed style profile, which includes information such as your age, profession, body type/shape and how often you wear categories of clothing, such as casual, business and dressy.  You’re encouraged to link a Pinterest board or Instagram account to provide further input into your style wants and needs.  Each shipment you receive has a styling fee of $20, but that $20 can be applied to anything you purchase from that shipment.  In October, I was offered the option of purchasing a Style Pass, for which I pay a $49 annual fee that covers an entire year of styling fees, and the $49 was still credited to my account to use for the purchase of merchandise.  Also, returning anything you don’t want to keep is free in the postage-paid mailing pouch.

You can get fixes as often as you want.  I personally select the monthly plan, but there are plenty of people who get them quarterly or “on demand,” meaning that you only get fixes when you specifically order one.  You also get to set some pricing guidelines for your stylist, based on your personal budget.
After each shipment, you have the option to give detailed feedback to your stylist about what you liked and didn’t like, and what worked and what didn’t work.  This feedback is critical because it helps your stylist get to know you better, which improves your fixes.

This month, pretty much everything was unflattering on me, so I just took photos of the items on a hanger.

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan ($38)

This cardigan was soft and a great fall color, but it was a couple of sizes too big.  Also, at only 5’3″, I tend to shy away from “slub knit” anything, as it usually end up looking really sloppy on me.

Status: Returned

Violets & Roses Kinglake Mixed Material Top ($36)

This top wasn’t totally bad, but it was too big on me.  I don’t really have the complexion for yellow tones, either.

Status: Returned

Studio Blue Peyton Distressed Skinny Jean ($58)

These jeans felt really high quality, but they were a size too big.  Stitch Fix does attempt to exchange items for you if the needed size is in stock, but these were also not petite length jeans, so I had to pass on them.

Status: Returned

August Mist Josey Elbow Patch Pullover ($44)

This sweater was boxy and uncomfortable.  It also had a really loose knit, so it was kind of see through.

Status: Returned

Fun2Fun Lillian V-Neck Blouse ($40)

If one item in this shipment had potential, it would have been this blouse.  This could have worked well as a layering piece, but it was pretty sheer and, like everything else, a size too big.

Status: Returned

Even though I returned all five items, and this fix was definitely not my style, I do have to say that I loved the price point of the fix overall.  The items were high quality, even if they weren’t suited to my personal taste.  One bad fix doesn’t make me feel any differently about Stitch Fix, either.  I’m looking forward to December’s box – and I’ve already written a note to my stylist!

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